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Accept cryptocurrency payments.

Start receiving cryptocurrency payments in your store by today. Cheap and fast!

Volatility Protection

No matter which cryptocurrency your customer pays with. You can use auto conversion feature!

Multichain payments

You can accept both traditional Bitcoin payment or faster Bitcoin that issued on the Stellar network at the same time.

Developer friendly

Simple and clear API to start quickly.

Receive cryptocurrency payments your way.

Faster Payments

Stellar network allows you to receive Bitcoin, Ethereum and more in 5 seconds

Auto conversion feature

Customer pay in BTC but you can receive USDC in a result


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Can I use PayGlobal everywhere?

Absolutely. In your web or mobile app. Even you can use in your physical store. PayGlobal is designed like every other payment gateways.


Can I integrate PayGlobal with all programming languages?

Of course. You can use PHP, Nodejs, or whatever language you prefer.


Can I decide which currency to receive?

Yes. You can choose between Dollar and Cryptocurrency.


Can I withdraw my money any time?

Yes, you can withdraw it whenever you want. There is no delay.

Fair, simple pricing for all.

All types of businesses need access to payment processing, so we give you best possible commission rate.


all over the world


No hidden fees


Volatility protection


Multiple blockchain payments


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We offer variable commission for larger organizations. Get in touch with us!

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